Tatsu Yukimura 辰 雪村
Character Sheet Version Link
Tatsu Yukimura 5.193.0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/5mf93mmf1k97lz6/TatsuYukimura.chum5?dl=0
Pet Dog: Seigi 5.193.0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/eyhg78gyeuwo363/Seigi.chum5?dl=0
Names, SINs, IDs
Real Name Tatsu Yukimura 辰 雪村
Street Name Koukakukidoutai 攻殻機動隊 (Ghost in the Machine)
SIN Type Name
Fake SIN #1 Yoshiko Yamada 良子 山田


Born into a spiritual successor of the Matsumae clan, which had become a regular underworld name in the Northern Japan area. The clan respects the ways of the old, especially the samurai code. Their specialities were all things mechanical and ground vehicles, due to the harsh weather and terrain of Hokkaido.

She doesn't remember the world without augmented reality. Mostly machine since childhood, Tatsu has seemed to get along with technology better than her peers. Maybe the second hand cyberware has some odd quirks left over, a ghost in the machine. Sometimes she connects to the Matrix without using commlink commands, but hey, it's probably just a shortcut functionality integrated into her wireless cyberware. No time to wonder about it, there's enough to worry with the corps and government getting closer every day.

Eventually, the slumbering corporate and national giants did converge on all fronts and the clan had to disperse into the winds. Tatsu took Seigi, her pet dog with her as they left Japan. Seigi has become her only daily contact with the mostly non-augmented world. Tatsu has come to Finland to seek new fortunes and roads to travel and finally explore her mysterious ghost in the machine.

Enjoys tuning her Ares Roadmaster and cyberware. Other hobbies include walking her dog and various Matrix games. Fan of Ares Macrotechnology products. Follows the Bushido code, believing that there are people one can save from the evil machinations of corporations. Doesn't care magic of any kind, believes in the power of mechanical engineering and Matrix to be enough. Uneasy with other metahumans at first, but accustomed to them through the diversity of the underworld.

Priority Table
Priority Metatype Attributes Magic priority Skills Resources
A - - - - 450k
B - - - 36/5 -
C - - Technomancer: Resonance 3, 1 Complex Form - -
D Human (3) - - - -
E - 12 - - -
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