Tonpa Agent
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Anna Maria (born Mary-Ann) Pickett
Born north Texas 24 years ago as third child to low income family. Father worked on law enforcement and she followed his footsteps. Missed physicals for police academy, but got above average results on pschological. Was recruited into NSA signal intelligence as 19yrs trainee followed closely by job on intelligence contractor that was cover for The Organization TM. Training consisted mostly on site information gathering and infiltration, with dash of criminal investigation as counter international crime agenda for terrorism preventation.

After two years 20-21 of signal intelligence and security contract she was positioned as asset recruitment and handling duties on foreign universities, mostly Mexico 22 (Performing as transfer student in Mexico City University) and Asia 23-24 (Working as language student and English tutor in Japan). As young agent by any standard she has played a role mainly as asset assesment and black bagger for the organization.

Symbol (Source of stability) Set of black gloves she wears to control her touch ability (black gloves in general not any individual object.
Solace (Source of stability mundane) : Big Sister Karina who doesn't have clearence to DG but thinks I'm a government agent, works as model in Texas
Safety (Source of stability to whom would run to) Veteran Handler who intervieved for jobs through NSA Contract

Black Bagger (Pre-gen Excells Baggage with few mods)
A “black bag job” is FBI slang for a breaking-and-entry intrusion, usually intended to copy (or steal) documents or plant bugs or wiretaps. British spies often call break-in artists “box men,” a term originating in Victorian criminal slang. By any name, it’s burglary.

MOS Hand to Hand
Drive Comradeship

General Abilities
Athletics 8
Conceal 8
Cover 10
Digital Intrusion 2
Disguise 2
Driving 1
Fitch 8
Hand to hand 8
Infiltration 10
Network 4 (Burn)
Preparedness 3
Shooting 8
Surveillance 2
Weapons 1
Health 8
Stability 8 (Burn)

Investigative abilities:
Architecture 1
Crimininology 1
Bullshit detector 1
Human Terrain 1
Traffic Analysis 1
Intorrogation 2
Negotation 1
Reassurance 1
Astronomy 1
Cryptography 1
Languages 2
Bureaucracy 1
Cop Talk 1
Flirting 1
High Society 1
Reassurance 1
Tradecraft 1
Data Recovery 1,
Electronic Surveillance 2,
Notice 2
Photography 2,
Streetwise 2
Urban Survival 1


„„Choose one or more Backgrounds.
You receive Cover 10 and Network 15 for free (less Network in burn mode games; see p. 31).
„„Choose your Investigative abilities. (These abilities always succeed. If you spend points from them, you succeed even better.) 5+ players 20 p
You receive Streetwise and Tradecraft at 1 for free.
„„Choose your General abilities. (You roll a single 6-sided die and spend points to see if these abilities succeed.) 70 points
• You receive Health and Stability at 4 for free.
• Pick your MOS (see p. 11).
„„Build out your personality and dossier.

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