Betsy PF2 Tonpa


Level feat, misc Perception Prof Weapon Prof
Level 1 Ancestry feat, fighter feat, initial proficiencies, attack of opportunity, background, +2 +1 1
Level 2 Fighter feat (Rogue), skill feat x2 Performance Feat, Thievery Feat +3 +1 2
Level 3 General feat (Toughness) skill increase, weapon mastery +4 +2 3
Level 4 Fighter feat (Rogue), skill feat - +5 +1 4
Level 5 Achestry feat (2 Skills). Ability Boost, skill increase, Bravery +6 +2 5
Level 6 Fighter feat (Rogue), skill feat - +7 +2 6
Level 7 General feat, skill increase, Battlefield Surveyer +10 +2 7
Level 8 Fighter feat, skill feat - +11 +2 8
Level 9 Ancestry feat, skill increase, Combat Flexibility +12 +2 9
Gender Female Age 19 Height 6' 4'' (193) Hair Red Skin Bronze Eyes Hazel/Golden
STR 18 CON 12 DEX 16 INT 10 WIS 10 CHA 12
HP 8+1+10 Speed 20 (25) AC 10+3+5 TAC 10+3+3 Penalty -4 Misc Clumsy
ATTACK 1+1+4 DAM 1d4+4 DEX Cap +3 FORT +3 Ref +5 Will +1
SKILL Value Signature
PF Lore +2 (Int) Yes
Gladiator Lore +2 (Int) Yes
Athletics +2 (+6) (Str) Yes
Performance +2 (Cha) No
Thievery 0 (+4) Dex No

CheCk penalty
You take this untyped penalty to Strength-, Dexterity-, and Constitution-based skill checks, except for those that have the attack trait.

This armor’s Dexterity modifier cap also applies to Reflex saves and to all Dexterity-based skill and ability checks that don’t have the attack trait.

Languages Common, One additional language, selected from those to which you have access
Traits Human Humanoid

Ancestry Feat: Gain Additional Class Feat

Additional Lore Feat
Pathfinder Society Lore
Gladiator Lore

weaPonS Expert in all simple and martial weapons Trained in all exotic weapons
armor Trained in all armor and shields

SIGNATURE SKILLS Acrobatics Athletics Crafting

a ttack of oPPortunity You gain the Attack of Opportunity reaction.

ATTACK OF OPPORTUNITY Trigger A creature within your reach uses a manipulate action or a move action, makes a ranged attack, or leaves a square during a move action it's using. Make a melee Strike against the triggering creature at a –2 penalty. If the attack hits and the trigger was a manipulate action, you disrupt that action. This Strike doesn't count toward your multiple attack penalty, and your multiple attack penalty doesn't apply to it


Requirements You are wielding a one-handed melee weapon and have one hand free. Make a Strike (see page 308). It gains the following enhancement and failure effects. Enhancement Until the end of your next turn, as long as the target is within your reach, it's flat-footed. If it leaves your reach, this effect ends. Failure Until the start of your next turn, as long as the target is within your reach, it's flat-footed. If it leaves your reach, this effect ends.


Requirements You are wielding two melee weapons, each in a different hand. Make one Strike (see page 308) with each of your two melee weapons, each at your current multiple attack penalty. The second Strike takes a –2 circumstance penalty if it's made with a weapon that doesn't have the agile trait (see page 182). If both attacks hit, combine the attacks' damage, and then add any other applicable enhancements from both weapons. For purposes of resistances and weaknesses, this is considered a single Strike. This counts as two attacks when calculating your multiple attack penalty (see page 305).

Breastplate 80 sp +4 +2 +3 –4 –5 ft. 2 Clumsy

Gauntlets *2. 4sp
Main Gauche (Dagger) 5sp Agile, disarm, finesse, parry, versatile S

Backback 1 sp (can carry 4 bulk) - Clothes, bedroll, lantern, oils, flints, rations, cookeare
Bedroll 1 cp L
Clothess Ordinary 1 sp
Rations 10 day 5 sp 10x L
Flint & steel x 2 1sp
Bulls eye Lantern 10 sp 1 bulk
Oil 10 pints 1 sp
Waterskin x2 1sp L x 2
Cookware 2 bulk

Satchel 1 sp (can carry 2 bulk) -
Waterskin x2 1sp L x 2
Expert Crowbarr 5Sp L
Tent pup 8 sp L
Hammer 1 sp L
Mirror 10 sp

Belt Pouch 5 Cp (can carry 4 L)
Rations 2 days 1 sp 2 L
Waterskins x 2 1 sp 2 L

Used 147,6 sp

ROGUE Archetype Level 2 You gain a skill feat and the rogue’s surprise attack class talent (see page 119). In addition, Thievery is a signature skill for you.
ROGUE Sneak Level 4 You gain sneak attack 1d4 (see page 119), which increases to 1d6 at 6th level. You don’t increase the number of dice as you gain levels.

Sneak attack
You deal additional damage to flat-footed creatures (see page 322). If you Strike a flat-footed creature with an agile or finesse melee weapon, an agile or finesse unarmed attack, or a ranged attack, you deal 1d6 extra precision damage. For a ranged attack with a thrown weapon, that weapon must also be agile or finesse.

Rogue Skill that is (Expert) -> Signature -> Master -> Skill Feat
Possible: Performance, Deception, Intimidation

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