Tonpan 2

Elizabeth "Betsy"

One Unique Thing : Turns into Bronze Barbarian Beauty

Relationship : Emperor 1D positive, Shadow Prince 2D positive
Background : Servant 5, Vigilante 3

Betsyn Historia

Abilities (Point Buy You get 28 points to buy your abilities)

Ability Value Mod Points Special
Str 20 +5 (16p) (+2)
Con 16 +3 (6pp) (+2)
Cha 12 +1 (4pp)
Dex 10 +0 (2pp)
Int 8 -1 (0pp)
Wis 8 -1 (0pp)
Defence Base Level Stat Total
Armor Class (light armor) 12 +2 +0 (Dex) 14
Physical Defense 11 +2 +3 (Con) 16
Mental Defense 10 +2 -1 (Wis) 11
Hit Points 7+3 x4 40
Recovery 8 2d12+3

Barbarian Rage
Once per day, use a quick action to start raging. A rage lasts until the end of battle, or about 5 minutes.
While raging, you roll 2d20 to hit with your barbarian melee and thrown weapon attacks instead of 1d20. Use the higher roll for the attack. If you roll a natural 11+ with both dice and your highest attack roll is a hit, the attack is a critical hit!
Recharge 16+: After a battle in which you rage, roll a d20 and add your Constitution modifier. On a 16+, you can use Barbarian Rage again later in the day.
Adventurer Feat
Whenever the escalation die is 4+, as a quick action, you can start raging for free. (It doesn’t count against your normal usage.) This rage lasts until the end of the battle, as normal.

Barbaric Cleave
Once per battle, as a free action, you can make a standard melee attack after having dropped any enemy to 0 hp with a standard melee attack. Mooks do not count for this, unless the mook you dropped was the last of its mook mob.
Adventurer Feat
You gain a +2 attack bonus with Barbaric Cleave attacks. If the cleave attack hits, you can heal using a recovery.

Your recovery dice are d12s instead of d10s.

Once per battle, declare you’re using Unstoppable before making a barbarian melee attack. If your attack hits at least one target, you can heal using a recovery.
Adventurer Feat
The Unstoppable recovery is free.

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