Trak Nigoi
Name Trak Nigoi
Career Explorator
Home world Void
Birthright Stubjack
Lure of the Void Zealot (unnerving clarity)
Trials and Travails Hand of War
Motivation Endurance
Exp unused 50
Total exp used 5700
Weapon skill Ballistic skill Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Will Power Fellowship
32 43 37 42 34 49 33 52 20
Simple Simple Simple Intermediate
Trained skills Common skill instead of advanced
Common Lore (Int), machine cult Navigation (Int), Stellar
Forbidden Lore (Int), Archeotech Pilot (Ag), Spacecraft
Forbidden Lore (Int), Adaptus Mechanus
Intimidate (S)
Literacy (Int)
Logic (Int)
Speak Language (Int), Ship Dialect
Speak Language (Int), Explorator binary
Speak Language (Int), Low Gothic
Speak Language (Int), Techna-lingua
Tech-Use (Int)
Trade (Int), Technomat
Talents Traits
Quick Draw Charmed
Logis Implant Ill-Omened
Mechinicus Implant Void accustomed
Basic Weapon Training (universal) Face of Enemy
Melee Weapon Training (universal) +20% resist gas and air toxins
Leap Up
Sound Constitution x2
Hatred (Void pirates)

Weapons: Best-craftmanship Lasgun
Weapons: Good-craftmanship Power Axe
Light Carapace (armor 5)
Void Suit
Sacred Unguents
Combi-tool (tech-use +10)

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