System for storytelling

the triangle

Each character has 3 vertices. Physical, Mental, and Social.

Each of these has at least one named ability. Like physical: fencing. Or Social: Ladies man. These are pure flavor.

Each of the areas has a starting escalation level of 1.

Each of these vertices is thematically connected to the other two areas. i.e. Physical is connected to Mental and Social, Social to Mental and Physical. Think of these as being the corner points of a triangle.

Each scene you play is framed to deal with Physical, Mental, or Social ability.

Each scene you play gives you the right to raise the escalation level of thematically connected vertice by 1.

Each scene you play is really about the thematically connected ability you choose to raise by 1.

Each session, you can only raise thematically connected vertices 3 times. After that nothing happens.

Each time you raise a thematically connected ability, you have to do it from a different vertice than last time. So no raising Physical 2 times in a row with Social. Social-Mental-Social is ok.

the threat

The GM sets the escalation level of difficulty for each session. Players wishing to beat the threat must match the escalation level in one ability. You can win ties with Vote pool points.

Vote pool

if you narrate a scene in which you lose or suffer defeat, you get one point for your vote pool.

Vote pool can be played as a tie breaker on other players threat challenge.

Making a campaign out of it.

The threat levels start from 2 and steadily rises. Each time you defeat a threat a new one is introduced.

??One player can only defeat one threat per session.?? Still, each player should play the thematically connected scenes to keep up with the campaign escalation level.

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