Tulevaisuus Suunnitelma

ABILITY SCORES (+2 INT, +2 CHA Race. +1 INT, +1 CON 4th Level, +1 INT, +1 CON 8th Level, +1 All 11th Level)
Str 9, Con 16, Dex 11, Int 23, Wis 11, Cha 16.


Arcana (+28?), History, Endurance (Eladrin), Dungeoneering, Religion


Bonus: Ritual Casting
1st : Staff Expertice
2nd: Skill Power (Arcane Mutterings)
4th : Skill Focus (Arcane)
6th : Arcane Familiar: Coure Attendant +2 Arcane

Future Feats

8th : Disciple of Lore +1 Trained Skills
10th : Arcane Prodigy Sorcerer MC
11th : Sorcerous Vision: Substitute Arcana check for Perception or Insight, Requires Sorcerer.


6th : Emerald Eye (AP), Spellbook: Summon Iron Cohort
7th : Phantom Foes (Enc)
9th : Mirage Arcana (HoS), Spellbook: Symphony of the Dark Court (HoFL)
10th : Illusory Wall: (AP), Spellbook: Blur: (PHB-HoFL)

Retrain: Endurance -> Diplomacy

Prince of Genies (Paragon Path)

Level 11: Genie in a Bottle
The spirit whispers advice and lends its aid as long as it has the power to do so.
Benefit: You gain a + 1 power bonus to skill checks and saving throws.

Level 11: Wishful Action
Drawing on the genie's magic gives you a better chance of succeeding on your next effort.
Benefit: When you spend an action point to take an extra action, you gain a + 2 bonus to the next attack roll, saving throw, or skill check you make before the end of your next turn.

Level 11:
Genie's Intercession It is in your genie's interest to keep you alive. If an enemy manages to get in a successful blow against you, the genie whisks you away after you make a counters trike.

Genie's Intercession
Encounter + Elemental, Teleportation
Immediate Reaction Melee 1
Trigger: You are hit by an enemy adjacent to you.
Target: The triggering enemy
Attack: Highest ability modifier+ 4 vs. Reflex
Level 21: Highest ability modifier+ 6 vs. Reflex
Hit: 2d6 +your highest ability modifier damage, and you push the target up to 2 squares.
Miss: Half damage.
Effect: You and one ally adjacent to you each teleport up to 5 squares.

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