Universal Contracts

Universal Contracts for Changeling Lost

Contracts of the Board - Swords at Dawn 46

• The Honest Eye Reveal if someone is cheating. Changeling has caught subject cheating in the past without using a contract. Wyrd + Wits vs Powerstat + Composure
•• Knowing the Competition Grant insight on the opposing players tactics Invoked during a rematch of the initial competition. Wyrd + Intelligence
••• The Living Game Plays a game with the Wyrd and gains insight on a competition or battle. The character is using a game appropriate to the situation at hand (Chess for a football game, blackjack when it's multiple vs. one, poker for every man for himself) ●●● Wyrd + Occult
•••• The Game Master's Table Give information to a unit through a board game. Oh god recursion Prepare each piece or card for at least one hour before the clause is activated. Followers must be on hand. ●●●●/●●●●(○) Wyrd + Manipulation
••••• The Cheater's Gambit Curse enemy units. Leader will know you've cheated if you didn't get an exceptional success. Changeling has played this game with someone who died in the last week. ●●●●(○) Wyrd + Manipulation vs Powerstat + Composure (Enemy Leader)

Contracts of Dream - Lost 124

• Pathfinder locate paths, Hollows and other fixtures in the Hedge Pluck a thorn from the local Hedge and shed a drop of blood within a single day Wyrd + Intelligence
•• Forging the Dream alter events and setting in subject's dreamscape, even when not inside Stand or sit beside target with touching subject's and his or her own temples Wyrd + Wits
••• Phantasmal Bastion Double Wyrd for calculating damage, or increase Willpower by Wyrd as health in oniomachy combat. Carrying a token of favor given to them freely by an enemy or one of their loved ones or family members -
•••• Cobblethought extract items or images from dreams Posses at least a single thread from target's night clothes Wyrd + Intelligence
••••• Dreamsteps use dreams to traverse instantaneously a physical distance Carry a physical object made by user during the journey. Wyrd + Intelligence

Contracts of Hearth - Lost 127

• Fickle Fate Give someone a -2 penalty on next roll If used on a target more than once an hour, affects user instead -
•• Favored Fate Give someone a +4 bonus on next roll If used to enhance the same action more than once before the next sunset or sunrise, another roll will fail -
••• Beneficent Fate Give someone an automatic success on next roll If subject benefits more than once per day, their next action is rolled with a chance die -
•••• Fortuna’s Cornucopia Give someone 8-again on the next roll If used on a subject more than once per day, another roll will dramatically fail -
••••• Triumphal Fate Make one subject's action an automatic exceptional success If used on a subject more than once within a year and a day, that action becomes a dramatic failure ●○ -

Contracts of Hours - Rites of Spring 102

• Restoration of Dawn Beauty Restore a weathered item to prime condition. User or a member of the user's family owned the object before abduction Wyrd + Craft
•• Frozen Moment Freeze an object in time by touching it. Performed during sunrise or sunset ●● Wyrd + Wits
••• Thief of Days Cause an object to age unnaturally, damaging it. Knows the name of a now dead former owner ●● Wyrd + Investigation
•••• Flickering Hours Alter the flow of time within the Hedge relative to Earth. Smash a time keeping instrument during activation ●●○ Wyrd + Wits
••••• Leaping Toward Nightfall Shoot a target forward in time, removing them from action. Used when the target is touching or moving through a gateway into the hedge ●●●●○ Wyrd + Investigation or Wyrd + Investigation vs Powerstat + Composure

Contracts of Lucidity - Dancers in the Dusk 69

• Read Lucidity Learn the Target's Clarity Touch the target. Wyrd + Intelligence
•• Temporary Sanity Increase Clarity for a few turns. Stand on one foot with shut eyes and your arms by your side for a minuet. ●● Wyrd + Occult
Breaking Point level: 8
••• Loan Clarity for a scene Target has lost Clarity in the last 24 hours. ●(●●)○ Presence + Clarity + Wyrd - Resolve + Composure
Breaking Point level: 6
•••• Armoured Clarity Only make one Clarity roll in the next scene, no matter how many Breaking Points you triggered. (Not counting the Breaking point for activating this Clause) Spent the last hour with more normal humans than Enscorcelled humans or Lost. ●●● Resolve + Clarity
Breaking Point level: 4
••••• Thief of Reason Lower the target's Clarity for a scene. The target publicly doubted her own sanity in the last hour. ●●●○ Presence + Intimidation + Wyrd - Willpower + Wyrd
Breaking Point level: 2

Contracts of Mirror - Lost 129

• Riddle-Kith Appear as another Kith. Dined with a member of that kith within the last week Wyrd + Manipulation
•• Skinmask Alter one feature of the Mask. Get an object belonging to the reproduced individual Wyrd + Stamina
••• Transfigure the Flesh Grow larger or smaller as you wish. Steal a garment that is either too large or too small to wear Wyrd + Stamina
•••• Oddbody Transmutes a single bodily feature into an unnatural shape, such as sprouting claws or elongated legs, granting a variety of potential bonuses Consume the threads of a caterpillar's cocoon. Wyrd + Strength
••••• Chrysalis Transform into an inanimate object of your choosing for one scene.

Contracts of the Moon - Rites of Spring 105

• Lunatic’s Knowing Glance The changeling can instantly tell if anyone she is looking at suffers from a derangement. User is dressed as and behaving like a medical professional Wyrd + Wits
•• Maddening Eye Causes derangements to temporarily worsen User is currently suffering at least one derangement ●● Wyrd + Manipulation - Subject's Composure
••• Touch of Bedlam Target suffers temporary severe derangement. Target broke an oath to the user ●● Wyrd + Presence vs Powerstat + Composure
•••• The Madness of Crowds Induces temporary Mass Hysteria all around. User is performing for an audience ●●●○ Wyrd + Expression
••••• Lurking Insanity The character can look intently at a target and cause him to develop a latent form of insanity that manifests only when a specific even or type of event occurs. Target betrayed a close blood relative ●●●○ Wyrd + Subterfuge

Contracts of Omen - Rites of Spring 108

• Vision of Strife See someone's worst memory Target is speaking about their past Wyrd + Empathy
•• Glimpse of Fortune’s Favor Next turn roll twice and take the better result. Two Glamour to cast reflexively and roll twice this turn. User is playing a game of skill ●(●) Wyrd + Wits
••• Reading the Portents The Changeling sees the most significant or emotionally important event that will happen to someone in the next few months. Target is under 18 ●● Wyrd + Wits
•••• Vision of Disaster Sees a vision of one single turn, effectively letting you replay that turn. A trusted friend or ally suddenly betrays the user ●●●●○ Wyrd + Wits
••••• Tying the Knots of Fate The Changeling names a single experience which will happen to someone, the experience becomes much more likely. Used to bless a mortal under 18 with good fortune ●●●○○ Wyrd + Presence

Contracts of Smoke - Lost 132

• The Wrong Foot Replace tracks with that of another animal Lick thumb and smudge it on a mirror -
•• Nevertread Don't leave tracks when moving Spent at least an hour barefoot within the past day Wyrd + Intelligence
••• Shadowpatch Bonus to hide as shadows envelop the Changeling Spent at least an hour away from natural sunlight within the past day Wyrd + Wits
•••• Murkblur Make target blind for a scene Swallow the eye of an insect or an animal Wyrd + Intelligence vs Powerstat + Resolve
••••• Light-Shy Invisibility Told someone a meaningful lie to someone important to the user within the past day ●○ Wyrd + Intelligence

Contracts of Thorns and Brambles - Swords at Dawn 49

• Bite of the Wooden Fang Increase the damage of a weapon, weapons must cause bashing damage. The changeling uses a whip made of plant material. Wyrd + Dexterity
•• Leechweed Enchant thorns to drain glamour. Clause is used against someone in the service of the characters Keeper or the Keeper itself. ●● Wyrd + Occult
••• Briarpath As the Changeling moves a path of thorns grows behind them. Slows down pursuit. The character scatters a handful of hedge thorns behind her ●● Wyrd + Wits
•••• Shield of Thorns Creates a circle of thorns which attack anyone in them. Changeling deals 1L to self, pours blood where she wants thorns to grow. ●●● Wyrd + Manipulation
••••• Hedgewall The changeling grows a wall of thorns in any shape she desires. The changeling transplants a small shrub from the hedge into where she will activate the clause. ●●●●(○) Wyrd + Presence
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