Vainglory Fairest Kith Lost 146

• Mask of Superiority Gain a +2 bonus when speaking from a position of authority. Pretending to be someone who's status comes from looks alone ●● Wyrd + Intimidation - Subject's Resolve
•• Songs of Distant Arcadia +(Wyrd) to Expression and Persuasion rolls. Performing for a rich and powerful group. ●● Wyrd + Expression
••• Splendor of the Envoy’s Protecton Unable to be attacked by mortals as long as you don't attack or carry a weapon; supernaturals roll to resist with each attack. Used at a formal party with at least a dozen people. ●●● Wyrd + Presence
•••• Mantle of Terrible Beauty Force mortals and supernaturals to flee in fear with revelation of unearthly beauty. In combat that was previously agreed to by both sides. ●●○ Wyrd + Intimidate vs Powerstat + Composure
••••• Words of Memories Never Lived Create a story so well-woven that everyone listening believes it wholly. The Changeling is trying to convince people of something she believes to be true. ●●●○ Wyrd + Expression vs Powerstat + Composure
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