Vampire the Requiem

Shadows Auspex, Celerity, Obfuscate Intelligence or Wits +1 damage from sunlight and fire VTR p108

Auspex VTR p119
Heightened Senses
(•) - increase sight, hearing, and oflactory N/A
Aura Perception
(••) - sense emotions Intelligence + Empathy + Auspex - Composure
The Spirit's Touch
(•••) - See psychic residues of the past Wits + Occult + Auspex

Acute Senses
(•) Add Blood Potency to all rolls involving the kindred's senses. This includes rolls to remember sensory details.

(•••) *pre: Wits ••• Can detect blood, track by blood, or determine details of blood through scent alone.

(• to •••••) Possession of a faithful group of kine upon which one can easily feed - each week, gain a number of Vitae equal to twice this merit's rating. This requires no rolls, only a quick interlude.

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