WS 34 BS 36 S 34 T 33 Ag 36 Int 40 Per 40 WP 62 Fel 36

Peer Academy
Light Sleeper
Nerves of Steel
Heightened Sense Sound
Fate 3
Wounds 11
Psi Level 2
-> Astro viestintä juttu
-> Foreshadow; +30 to skill (pg 169)
-> Augury; Tulevaisuus
-> Divining The Future; Tulevaisuus - Fast
-> Psycholocation; Find stuff 2km range

Awareness, Common Lore (Imp Creed, Imeprium, War, Astro Tel juttu), Forbidden Lore (Psykers), Invocations, Literacy, Psyniscience, , Scholastic Lore ( Cryptology), Speak Language (High Gothic x2, Low Gothic)

1. Choose spell for casting
2. Determine power rating: Half, regular, boost.
3. WP test to focus, including rank x5 (10) as bonus to give total % to roll under to succeed. (rank also = potential range).
3.a. (doubles are dangerous on anything above Half power, must roll Psychic phenomena chart, potential for Perils of the Warp chart…)
4. Power-specific rolls, BS for example, to hit the target.

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