William Hart

William Hart

Civil Defense Service - APR - Gas Decontamination
Gas Decontamination Teams were kitted out with gas-tight and waterproof protective clothing and were to deal with any gas attacks. They were trained to decontaminate buildings, roads, rail and other material that had been contaminated by liquid or jelly gases.

STR 70/35/14 DEX 55/27/11 INT 55/27/11 CON 75/37/15 APP 45/22/9 POW 75/37/15 SIZ 75/37/15 EDU 80/40/16
Damage Bonus +1d4 Build +1 HP 15 Sanity 75
LUCK 75/37/15

Occupation Skills Occupation Skills and also the Credit Rating skill: one at 70%, two at 60%, three at 50% and three at 40%
70/35/14% Chemistry
60/30/12% Medicine
60/30/12% Demolitions
50/25/10% First Aid
50/25/10% Mechanical Repair
50/25/10% Operate Heavy Machine
40/20/8% Credit Rating
40/20/8% Electrical Repair
40/20/8% Physics

Hobbies (Pick four non-occupation skills and boost them by 20%)
45/22/9% Spot Hidden
40/20/8% Climb
40/20/8% Drive Auto
40/20/8% Firearm (Handgun)

Achtung Cthulhu occupation base

Bomb Disposal Expert: Chemistry, Drive Automobile, Electrical Repair, Demolitions, Listen, Mechanical Repair, Military Doctrine, Operate Heavy Machine, and Physics.
Cut the Red Wire: Bomb Disposal Expert only. The Expert adds +10% to any appropriate skill roll when attempting to defuse an unexploded bomb, or other ordnance or booby trap.



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