Wizened Kith

Artist Artists Impeccable Craftsmanship 8-Again on Crafts rolls and can spend 1 Glamour to reroll failed dice on a Crafts roll CtL 121
Brewer Makers of Alcohol The Inebriating Elixir +4 dice to resist poisons/intoxication; spend Glamour, magically make a drink alcoholic CtL 121
Chatelaine Butlers Perfect Protocol 9-Again on Social rolls that deal with manners or etiquette and can spend a Glamour to get +2 to Manipulation and Presence die pools CtL 121
Chirurgeon Doctors The Analeptic Charm 9-Again on Medicine rolls, doesn't suffer equipment penalties on Medicine rolls CtL 122
Fatemaker Talecraft Specialist Turn of the Tale Add 2 Glamour to a Talecrafting roll to avoid Cruel Twists of Fate (does not protect against dramatic failure on the roll) SaD 64
Oracle Prophets Panomancy Can tell the future as though they had the Common Sense Merit CtL 122
Smith Metalworkers Steel Mastery Spend Glamour, improve a tool CtL 122
Soldier Combatants/Sentries Blade Lore Has a Weaponry specialty with Bladed weapons CtL 122
Woodwalker Protectors of the Land/Gardeners Wildcraft 8-Again to Survival rolls and can survive by eating any plant CtL 123
Author Writers Polyglot's Riddle 8-Again on Expression when writing. Wits + Academics to understand written text in foreign language. WM 96
Drudge Slaves/Servants Unseen Labor Spend Glamour, complete a simple task (5 or fewer successes) almost instantly. 9-Again on Stealth rolls. WM 96
Gameplayer Gamemasters/Strategists Grandmaster's Stratagem Spend Glamour, win mental based board games. +3 to gamble in games that require both mental skill and luck. WM 96
Miner Underground Tappingspeak Spend Glamour, send a coded message through vibrations in the ground. WM 96
Gremlin Sabotage Gremlinizing Touch Spend Glamour once per day, touch a device to negate equipment penalties, including with weapons. WM 110
Pamarindo Cannibals/Chefs/Butchers Gourmand's Grotesquerie Spend Glamour, touch raw meat (Minimum one pound). Can feed equal to Wyrd score, nourishes for 24 hours. Gain Free Iron Stomach Merit (WoD p112). WM 110
Thusser Parties/Dancers/Hypnotism Fiddler's Delight Spend Glamour, pick a target. Sing or play instrument and target will be unable to act as long as you continue or he must defend himself. WM 110
Inventors Artificers Inventive Genius 8-Again on Crafts and Science rolls involving mechanisms and devices. Spend Glamour to add Wyrd score in dice to such a roll. VL 22
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